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*clicks link* O_O *grabbyhands* i waaaant to goooo theeeeere D8 also yes indeed *hugs* sleep tight! ^_^

The Hoh is also stupidly hard to get to. It’s over an hour by backroads up the coast and then the road in gets washed out by the river a lot (to the point that you should call ahead). But once you get there… there’s these shallow pool/creeks with mossy stone on the bottom (not rocks or gravel, solid stone all worn away by the water). They’re really clear and there’re tiny fish in them and fallen trees as bridges. And the wildlife does not give one fuck about humans (actually, they’d rather like your lunch). -A

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tagged as: anshinwritesthe trees are HUGE but that really goes without saying

  1. anshinwrites said: man, that sounds fucking amazing. and i’m used to places being stupidly hard to get to and wildlife not giving a fuck—i live in arkansas, remember? XDD
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