We saw an all black wooly bear today. They seem to like our front porch, we see at least one there every fall, but never an all black one.


so I don’t know if any of you are familiar with Lindsey Stirling -her violin/dubstep songs are quite popular- anyway she’s back and has released a music video for the track “Roundtable Rival” from her newest album and it’s like mixture of the wild west and steampunk. it’s incredible, you should definitely watch it!

From Rata Sum, with love.

I grabbed these while doing area completion with Saph (who in hindsight was totally named after Sappho). Her raven is Asroth.

Rata Sum has some beautiful scenery and some really long falls, the transparent bridges and floors do not help. -A







we have all read fanfiction that we shouldn’t have

just a few favorite tags





just open up tag viewer on this post and settle in with a snack cause ain’t nobody sleeping tonight, friends






installing tag viewer for this was the best decision i ever made


This is amazing


Been there, read that.

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Rude x Reno (FFVII) | lanimalu


Rude x Reno (FFVII) lanimalu






So one day a dwarf is talking to a human and finally realizes that when humans say woman, they generally mean “person who is theoretically capable of childbirth” because for whatever reason, humans assign social expectations based genital differences. (What a fucked up culture, the dwarf thinks.) But hey, better communication! So the next time the dwarf introduces theirself, they say, oh, by the way, I am what you call a “woman.”

And the trade negotiations just stop. They just stop cold. The tall people insist on speaking to the man, they insist on talking to the lady dwarf about all sorts of irrelevant bullshit, like recipes and childrearing and perfume

so the dwarf goes back home, enraged

and is like “BTW guess what happened, we’re all just going to be men forever now as far as the tall ones are concerned”

and everyone is justly horrified at this barbarism but they all agree to do whatever  it takes to squeeze those tall bastards for all the resources they are worth

and the dwarves get surlier, and the trade agreements less generous

and the tall people are all “what a miserable and greedy race”

but really they’re just still nursing a grudge about how goddamn backwards and sexist the tall people are

because their best negotiator, one of their sacred cave people, got snubbed the instant she said she was capable of childbirth - and a mortal insult like that can never be forgiven

Because Pi’s tags are great:

#yes good #personal headcanon: dwarves have fundamentally misunderstood human pronoun usage #and gender roles #they are very perplexed by it #eventually they went ‘fuck it apparently ‘he’ is the correct word’ #'it's their language and they keep using it for us' #so then you have this situation where dwarves are cognizant of the words ‘mother’ and ‘wife’ #but not the usual use of ‘she’ secondary headcanon specific to Tolkien dwarves #dwarves that choose to bear children are held in high regard #because they are making new dwarves it is the ultimate craft #that’s what mahal did you made a new person #it is very impressive #everyone is impressed

Just as an additional thought, we hear that women dwarves generally stay within the mountain and are a protected, guarded subset of the dwarves. There’s not many of them, so there’s an implication that women dwarves are too precious to be allowed out.

But what if this too is a mistranslation? What if the dwarves were talking to the Men and when asked “where are all your women?” they hit a wall. They whisper amongst themselves, and eventually come back with a question, “What’s a woman?” The Men are incredulous.

"Why, the members of your race that bear children, of course!" 

More dwarven whispering.

They reach the conclusion that Men mean dwarves who are currently pregnant. Well! Of course those dwarves are currently safe within the mountain, well cared for and generally loathe to travel until the child is born. The Men take this to mean that all dwarven women are discouraged from traveling, and that their primary purpose is childbearing. Dwarves find this a satisfactory outcome, especially with the way Men treat their women, and so even when the misunderstanding becomes clear to them they never correct it.

I have never converted to fan-canon so hard before.

The ultimate craft


Vincent (FFVII) | lanimalu


Vincent (FFVII) lanimalu


Comic strip artists from the 40’s draw their characters while blindfolded

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Our leather swatches came in! Damn they are the biggest swatches I’ve ever been sent, it’s great.

The black faux leather is very very thin and I’m not sure how it’ll work, but with a backing it might be great. If nothing else it’ll take shaping very well.

The red leather is super great and the swatch they sent me is actually just the size I needed? So FUCKING SCORE, that shit’s expensive but the swatch was a dollar fifty.


While I was doing my daily completion in GW2 I danced around a boar for at least a full minute and deeply confused a new player.

She danced along with me though, after she’d watched for a while. -A




i was so confused until that picture

bless whoever added it

The long kings live are the weak queen

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Please keep your black cats safe on this Halloween.
Thanks to all-prettythings for sending in.


Please keep your black cats safe on this Halloween.

Thanks to all-prettythings for sending in.


Here is a free pattern for a big knitted octopus.